Curriculum Outline

A total of 17 semester hours are required for the certificate. ENS 2103 and ENS 4102 are required of all students, representing 5 credit hours. Of the remaining 12 hours, at least three hours must be taken from each of three categories: Humanities, Social Sciences, and Science & Engineering. The remaining 3 credit hours must be taken from a category not directly related to the student's major course of study.

Enrollment in ENS 4102 must be prearranged with the Program Coordinator. The student may arrange to work with a faculty member conducting research in the environment and sustainability field, or the student may propose a project of relevance to the certificate. This must be arranged in consultation with the Program Coordinator prior to enrolling in ENS 4102.

Admission to the Certificate Program

The Environment and Sustainability Certificate is open to all undergraduate students in good standing. Non-Mississippi State University graduates may also enroll in the certificate program. For additional information, please contact the Program Coordinator here.


Being multi-disciplinary in nature, the Environment and Sustainability Certificate is administered by Office of the Provost. A committee consisting of at least six faculty members from various departments across campus oversees the program’s structure and performance. The committee reports to the Associate Provost who will advise the Provost on matters pertaining to the program.

Course Options:

ENS 2103 Intro to Environmental Science
ENS 4102 Environmental Science Practicum

A. Humanities B. Social Sciences C. Science & Engineering

AN/SO 4173 Environment-Society

ARC 2723 Materials

FP 4313 Environ Principles

HI 3183 World Environmental History
HI 4193 US Environmental History

HS 3673 Envir For Sp Needs

ID 3673 Environments for Special Needs

LA 4844 Sustainable Communities

AEC 3233 Intro to Env Econ & Policy
AEC 4233 Environmental Economics
AEC 4243 Natural Resource Econ
BL 4263 Environmental Law

FO 4413 Natural Res Policy

PS 4743 Environmental Policy

SO 4173 Environment-Society
SO 4703 Population Problems

ABE 2263 Ag Survey & Drainage
ABE 3303 Transport in Bio Engineering
ABE 4163 Mach For Agro-Ecosys
ABE 4263 Soil & Water Mgt
ABE 4313 Bio Trtmnt of NPS Poll

BIO 2503 Environmental Qual
BIO 3104 Ecology
BIO 4213 Plant Ecology
BIO 4224 Aquatic Botany
BIO 4324 Soil Microbiology (same as PSS 4314)

CE 3803/3813  Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering I or II
CE 4513 Engineering Hydrology
CE 4873 Water and Wastewater Engineering
CE 4893 Hazardous Waste Management
CHE 4423 Fundamental of Industrial Corrosion
CHE 4613 Air Pollution Control Design
CHE 4673 Industrial Microbiology
CHE 4703 Gas Hydrates

CH 4203 Env. Chemistry

CVM 4513 Environ Tox.

ECE 4613 Power Transmission Systems

IE 4543 Logistic Engineering
FNH 4773 Intro to Env Health

FO 3123 Forest Ecology & Global Env.

GR 2313 Maps and Remote Sensing
GR 3113 Conserv Of Nat Res
GR 4603 Climatology
GR 4613 Applied
GR 4813 Natural Hazards

GG 3133 Intro Environ Geology
GG 3603 Intro To Oceanography
GG 3613 Water Resources
GG 4304 Prin Sed Dep I
GG 4443 Prin Sed Dep II
GG 4523 Coastal Environments
GG 4613 Phys Hydrogeology

LA 3623 Urban Planning
LA 3644 Land Arch Constr II

ME 4353 Alt Energy Sources
ME 4543 Combustion Engines

PSS 3133 Intro Weed Sci.
PSS 3303 Soils
PSS 4313 Soil Fertility
PSS 4314 Soil Microbiology
PSS 3303 Soil Classification
PSS 4333 Soil Conservation

WF 3133 Appl Aquatic Terr Ecol (w/WF 3131)
WF 4153 Prin Wild Con & Mgt.
WF 4213 Wildlife Damage Mgt
WF 4224 Limnology (w/WF 4221)
WF 4343 Pond and Stream Mgt
WF 4373 Prin of Conserv Ag
WF 4383 Wetlands Ecol & Mgt
WF 4394 Waterfowl Ecol & Mgt
WF 4463 Hum Dim Wf Mgt

*Note: Other courses may be applicable and substituted for courses listed above, subject to approval by the Program Coordinator and the ENSC Advisory Committee.

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