Student Learning Outcomes & Assessment

Upon completion of the Environment and Sustainability Certificate, students should achieve the following outcomes:

  • Understand 21st century environmental issues within the context of humanities, social science, and science & engineering.
  • Learn how to address these challenges through sustainable lifestyle choices and practices.
  • Gain hands-on experience through the practicum course.

Assessment and Issuance of Certificates:

The ENSC Advisory committee will review the candidate’s records to determine if course and grade requirements have been met. If all requirements have been met, the committee will submit the student’s name to the Office of the Provost for certification and notify the Office of the Registrar to have a statement placed on the student’s transcript indicating completion of the certificate. A certificate will be issued with the degree received in the student’s program.

Advisory Committee Members

Committee Member Name Academic Discipline Contact Information
Eric Dibble Wildlife & Fisheries
Jeremiah Dumas Landscape Architecture
Todd French Chemical Engineering
Mark Hersey History
David Hoffman Anthropology
Matthew Interis Agricultural Economics
Joseph Massey
(Program Coordinator)
Plant & Soil Sciences 662-325-4725 (tel)
Daniel Peterson Plant & Soil Sciences
Trisha Phillips Philosophy & Religion
Darrel Schmitz Geosciences
Jason Walker Landscape Architecture
Joseph Witt Philosophy & Religion
Ashley Andrews Combining Corn Chicken Houses Sampling Pearl River